Klischée – Bend the Rules

I’m deeply, deeply saddened by how different this album is to Klischée’s previous album, Touché. Why are all of my favorite electro swing artists abandoning swing?! This is also what happened with Caravan Palace, though in Klischée’s case, they’ve moved pretty far into pop territory. Only two songs on Bend the Rules are instrumental, and only one song can really be considered swing. “Swing it Like Roger” is such a great example of the genre, though, and is at least a nice reminder that Klischée still has a glimmer of what I love them for.

Overall, however, Bend the Rules sounds more like a Bag Raiders or C2C album now. But don’t get me wrong, I like those groups, and I like enough songs on Bend the Rules to make it worth buying the whole album. While I honestly can’t stand some of the songs, other tracks like “Damn Hot” and “Come With Me” are really energetic and catchy. This definitely has more mainstream appeal than Touché did, and I hope that means Klischée starts getting more recognition. But I’m also afraid that their swing roots may disappear altogether for the next release.