Klischée – Touché

Touché is an album from yesteryear and one I’ve already listened to a hundred times, but that’s why I feel the need to gush about it. It’s the rare album where I not only like every song but haven’t gotten sick of listening to it so many months later. Of all the debut electro swing albums I’ve heard, Touché is the strongest. For other groups like Caravan Palace and Swingrowers, they didn’t hit their stride until their second release. But Klischée was amazing right out of the gate. And yet nobody is talking about them! At least, in my many hours of scouring the Internet, looking for “best of electro swing” lists, their name has never come up. I only knew of their existence through the publisher’s website, Freshly Squeezed Music.

I guess I shouldn’t sing their praises too loudly, because Touché could very well have been a fluke. This is the perfect example, though, of using swing as your basis and then layering your own energetic voice on top of it. It’s not overly “electronic,” nor is it overly “big band swing.” They’ve struck a sublime balance with a good ratio of vocal to instrumental tracks. The tone, however, does feel a little darker and more serious than other swing artists. Well, I hate to call it “dark,” because that might give the wrong impression. Everything is upbeat and danceable, but it doesn’t come across as sugary sweet. You could listen to this in any mood, and it would feel right. Maybe that’s why I haven’t taken it out of rotation yet. And I hope I never have to.