Jun 302010

Picture of Yancheng Park in Changzhou

A long, long time ago, I visited Changzhou’s Yancheng Park, the site of an ancient city, and wasn’t too impressed with what I saw. It was an empty park with nothing to remind you of its past glory. The Changzhou government must have read my blog, though, because they’ve revamped the park and built a whole bunch of stuff around the original moats.

Picture of Yancheng Park in Changzhou

The park now charges 90 yuan, which seems a bit steep at first considering a Dinosaur Park ticket is 120. However, the new Yancheng has on display all sorts of monuments and fake mountains inspired by stories of old. Some of it is cheesy. Some of it is cool. But if you’re at all in tune with old Chinese fables, you’ll probably love the first part of the park.

Picture of Yancheng Park in Changzhou

Things then branch off into two sections. There’s the original Yancheng area that nobody cares about anymore and an amusement park. The latter has a couple of 3D motion rides, a log ride, swings, and other barf-inducing round-and-rounds. Overall, the park is more fun than Dinosaur Park, but… it’s also sad that a once historic site has become a very commercialized part of town. Even if that historic site was a bit boring.

Picture of Yancheng Park in Changzhou

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