Bojack Horseman – Season 3

Bojack Horseman

Every season of Bojack Horseman leaves me feeling… different. They seem to always end on a dour note, and for the next several days, I have brooding Bojack quotes running through my head. This show gets a little too real at times. But that’s also why it’s so intriguing. It goes from silly animal puns to existential crises at the drop of a hat. While the humor doesn’t always land (though to be fair, much of the humor is in the background details, anyway), the “serious” scenes will punch you in the gut every damn time. Honestly, Bojack Horseman has more of an effect on me than most other shows billed as outright dramas.

A lot of Season 3 felt like retread, though. Bojack still hates himself and still messes up good opportunities when they come around. We’ve kind of seen that already many times before, only now he’s digging a deeper hole and pushing his friends farther away. But speaking of which, the supporting cast felt more important and less cartoony this time around. That’s especially true of Todd. I never cared for Todd before, but I thought he was used well, and by the end of the season, we learn something about him that really humanizes him. Plus, I think Aaron Paul’s voice acting finally grew on me.

The voice acting in general has always been a little hit or miss. The show does bring in some pretty big stars, but, as I’ve said before, great actors aren’t necessarily great voice actors. I still absolutely love Will Arnett as Bojack, though. This is the best thing Arnett has done since Arrested Development. Surprisingly, however, the most memorable episode of the season had very little voice acting at all. The dream-like underwater episode was such a joy to watch, and without any dialogue, they still managed to convey the same heart and soul. I already can’t wait to see where this series goes and what boundaries it pushes next year.