Sep 302008

This is the second day of my mega vacation. Don’t expect a post every day. I just have some free time, because I stayed in Changzhou. The Changzhou Guide Book I’ve been consulting mentioned the historical site of a 3,000-year old city called Yancheng. One of the book’s maps showed that Yancheng was in Wujin District, so I thought I would just ride my bike there. Ha! Things on a map always look closer and easier to find than they really are. Maps need to be bigger. Maps need to be the size of the city so you know exactly how far everything is.

Needless to say, I got lost, and being lost with a bike doesn’t make it easy to jump in a taxi and start over. After riding around the same block three or four times, I stopped to look at the map again, and a Chinese guy ran across the street to see what I needed. I told him I was looking for Yancheng, and he pointed right behind me. I had already found it, but I would have needed another three or four trips around the block to realize it.

Yancheng Moat

Yancheng Entrance

Yancheng’s big draw is that it has three moats. Outside and inside the first moat are traditional buildings whose front steps are monopolized by modern day carnival games. If you want to venture into the inner moats, you have to pay an entrance fee. So I did and quickly found there was nothing there. It was just a park. A nice park, but come on… I’ve seen plenty of these already.

Yancheng Bridge

What is going on? Yesterday, the more convenient train ticket cost less, and now the more interesting outer city was free. Has the world gone mad? Is National Day really Opposite Day?

Statue in Pain

Gah! I can’t take it anymore!

  • Monica

    Wow, great pictures! I know I can scratch going to China off my list of places to go. I’ll just look at your pictures and that’s good enough for me. I really have no desire to go to foreign places, it scares me. I think you’re brave, especially since I know how shy you are. Best of luck and can’t wait to see more pictures!

  • Katinka Burgess

    Hey, there,

    same thing happened to me today!!!! Got to the site: where are the ruins????
    Even took the same photos!!
    I only realized, however, that I WAS at the site after reading this article, tank you!!!

  • Clark

    Is that part of it still there? I went again in 2010, and they had turned it into a big amusement park.